How to use Reactive's Shopify App

To use Reactive, you’ll need to start a live stream using OBS or a similar streaming platform. This guide is broken down into two sections:

  1. Starting Your Live Stream
  2. Using Reactive's Interactive Features.

The video below shows a step by step walk through of this guide:

Using Reactive

  1. Go to your store's admin page and select Reactive in the SALES CHANNELS section.
  2. In the Reactive sales channel view, click on the “Start Live Stream” button. This will start a live stream on your Reactive embeds.

    Note: The stream may not start immediately. Stream Status will show STARTING and then ENCODING once the stream has started.

  3. Next, you'll be taken to the Reactive Content Producer View which allows you to orchestrate all of the features that boost your shop’s revenue.

  4. On the left hand side of the Content Producer View, you will see your Stream Status, Stream Key, and Ingest URL. These values needed to start your stream.
  5. The middle panel will show you your current live stream as your viewers see it. Note: Although a stream is running the middle pannel is currently showing “Loading” since we are not yet producing a stream to be displayed.

Starting a Live Stream

  1. Download and install OBS.
  2. Open OBS and cancel out of the Auto-Configuration Wizard
  3. Create an OBS Video Source
    • You can add video sources by clicking the + icon under the Sources box in the main window.
    • Add a Video Source
    • Create a new video source by entering the name of the new source and clicking OK Create New Video Source
    • Select the Device to use for your video source.
    • Select Video Source Device
  4. Click Settings in the bottom right-hand corner.
    • Go to OBS settings
  5. Click the Stream tab for the stream settings.
    • Go to Stream settings
  6. Select Custom from the service dropdown.
    • Set the service type
  7. Copy the Ingest URL from the left panel in the Content Producer View and paste it into the server text input.
    • Add Reactive's server
  8. Copy the Stream key from the left panel in the Content Producer View and paste into the stream key text input.
    • Set your stream's stream key
  9. Save these settings by clicking OK in the bottom right-hand corner.
    • Save these settings
  10. Click Start Streaming to begin streaming.
  11. After starting your stream in OBS, return to your Reactive Content Producer View.

Using interactive features

  1. After starting a stream, go to the Reactive Content Producer View.
  2. Open a new tab that show's your Shopify store's homepage.
    • There is a link in the Shopify Admin
    • Open your online store
  3. Return to the Content Producer View. The right panel allows you to send products and polls to viewers during the live stream.
    1. Sending a Product to Your Viewers
      1. Click the “PRODUCTS” card on the right side to see all the products currently published to the sales channel.
      2. Click “SEND TO SHOPPERS”
      3. Go to your tab that has your store's homepage open and verify that you see the product appear in the live stream.
      4. Click on the appropriate options to assemble the product variant
      5. Click “BUY NOW”
      6. You should be navigated to the Shopify Web Checkout page
      7. Back on the content producer view you can click “CLEAR PRODUCT” in the top right to clear the product from the stream
    2. Sending a Poll to Your Viewers
      1. Click the “POLLS” card on the right side of the screen to see the Poll form
      2. Enter a question for the stream.
      3. Click the “+” icon to add a potential poll answer and fill out each empty answer box you’ve added (Note: you are limited to 3 options)
      4. Click “SEND”
      5. Go to your tab that has the Shopify store and verify that you see the created poll in the stream.
      6. Select a poll answer from the Live Stream
      7. Return to the content producer view and click “SEND RESULTS”
      8. Return to the Shopify store to verify that you now see the results of the poll
      9. Finally, clicking “CLEAR POLL” to clear the poll from the live stream
  4. Finally, as a stream viewer you can interact with the stream by clicking on the heart icon you see on the stream.
  5. To end your stream click “END STREAM” on the Content Producer View. Verify that you’re redirected to the Shopify Admin, and the stream has ended on your Shopify store.