How to tune your stream for lower latency

Login on to

Login to Reactive

Click the Start button:

Go to the 'start' stream view

Click the Go Live to start the stream:

Go Live

Click the Download OBS configuration profile link and unzip the file. This file contains a base configuration for OBS that let's you stream with low latency. Once you get started you should adjust this configuration to work for your specific use case.

Download OBS configuration profile

Open OBS. Click the File dropdown and select Show Settings Folder.Don't start streaming from OBS yet!

Show settings folder

Click on the basic folder and then add the unziped reactive_streaming profile to the profiles folder:

select-profile-in-settings add-rs-profile

Restart OBS so the new profile can be registered. Activate the profile by selecting the Profile dropdown menu and then select Reactive Streaming:


Follow the instructions in the start a stream guide and start streaming from OBS.

You're now streaming with 1 - 2 seconds of latency! 🎉🍻

Use the low latency player playground to inspect your stream's latency

From the stream detail page, copy the dash stream url and select the low latency player playground link:

copy-dash-stream-url low-latency-player-playground

Paste the url in the dash stream url text box and click Apply.


Adjust the configurable parameters to dial in the lowest latency for your stream! 🚀